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World Wide Dream Builders - (Amway)

Yes... it's my fault for joining and being blind but I wanted to put out my experience for those who are frantically googling what World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB) or Amway is.

If your gut feeling is telling you to second guess this opportunity and if you're in the interview and coffee meetings/meetings held in hotels/venues .. "the process"--- Get out now while you still can.
If you're all for it and wish to stay- that is your decision but know not everyone makes it and more often, people just end up staying because they become attached to these mentors who embody nothing but fakeness. They are ruthless.. they will tell you that they have a vested interest in you but let's be real- you're just a number in their pyramid and they need you to support their income. Joining Amway is a numbers game - you obviously need to recruit and sell to keep your numbers otherwise you end up losing money.

Here goes... (It's going to be long but I want to include as much information on my experience).
Like the title says, this is an EDMONTON, ALBERTA CANADA experience.

I don't tend to dwell on regrets.. however joining the organization, World Wide Dream Builders has been one of my biggest regrets. I joined in 2015 and to this date, I am still living out the consequences that followed. Other than losing time and money (ironically, as this is something that is promised and obsessed about)... I lost (some) really close relationships.. missed out on opportunities..  I was fortunate to be only involved for less than a year but there was already a significant amount of damage that was done. One of the key principles that are taught by these WWDB mentors/members is avoiding debt at all costs.. before my launch, I was provided a budget session that would allow me to invest in this opportunity. At the time I was working part time as a Server which means minimum wage + tips, I only had less than 2-3 K of debt on my credit card, despite that I was paying most of my bills on time. During my budget session they told me that based on my income that being apart of this opportunity wouldn't put me in further debt as long as I followed the budget they set up for me. I trusted these people... they were Platinums and everyone loved and respected them. The wife wrote a budget of ONLY $40 that would be allocated for groceries.. per month. They said to be successful, to eat into what Amway sells (the bars.. energy drinks, water etc). I blindly said sure. They told me that within 2-3 months of following their budget plan that I would out of credit card debt... in reality every month, I was maxing out both my credit cards. Altogether I had already invested approx. $ 10-15, 000. This included EVERYTHING - staying core, motivational materials, amway products for PV, functions, gas & accommodations. The USD dollar was pretty high too which resulted in losing more money.

The reason I quit WWDB/Amway was because my mentor told me to end my relationship with my significant other who at the time, I dragged into this mess when she did not want anything to do with it. She attended some meetings here and there but rarely ever engaged in conversation with others. My sponsor was pretty rude and inappropriate with her too- putting down her education and at one point, she was drinking a can of pop and my sponsor asked me why she drinking a negative product. (My sponsor was a douche and believed in WWDB religiously- he put down everything that wasn't WWWD/Amway. I honestly feel bad for this guy he's been involved for almost 5 years and still no where. Anyways back to my mentor, I couldn't believe someone who seemed to value marriages and families could tell me to break up with someone I loved. It's sickening to think this person thought they had that kind of control over me.

I've witnessed some messed up teachings... and the look of people's faces as they look up to these platinum and aboves in brainwashed awe makes me sick. ( If you're reading this and you believe that you're platinum/mentors are good people etc etc then good for them ) THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE.

- I had introduced a stranger that I approached in a mall to my mentors (I know so pathetic and embarrassing.. lol and I regret it). This stranger owned his own business and was an immigrant (yep, I'm an asshole) Anyways, I didn't end up sponsoring him but did invite him into the learning process. This individual had quite a few questions and my platinum mentor was being very vague. At one point, my platinum mentor told him that to accept this mentorship meant accepting all kinds of advice from business to personal and then he casually says "like if we tell you, you need to sell your business to focus on amway".... I don't know if this individual caught what was said but yeah.. ruthless.
Oh, and they'll also encourage you to sell your home and rent. I know an upline couple who had a beautiful home- it wasn't even a starter home and this upline had a government job. Well, they sold that home to live in a condo (no offence to condos-I live in one) but to downgrade, I don't understand why they did that. But apparently everyone in WWDB rents and they put down owning a mortgage.. saying that homes should be paid in cash.

Now the next little bit will be on random things that come to mind that make WWDB the worst business to join.

- I was encouraged to lie if prospects suspected Amway and to redirect the conversation/change the subect.

- I was expected to attend ALL the meetings.. which also resulted in loss of income as I was put on evening shifts and I would have to give my shift up ( yep, I'm a dumbass). If I didn't attend the meeting, I wouldn't be taken seriously and at the next meeting or at nuts&bolts they would mention it indirectly when they were teaching. My platinum mentor was also always putting people down...calling them losers and "retarded" if they had a job and were not apart of amway.

- If you can't afford the business (which clearly I didn't but didn't say anything because I thought things would get better).. upline will tell you that you can easily pick up another job to help with expenses... I've heard them say to get another job at mcdonalds or the mall.. And this is so hypocritical because they're always saying how jobs are hard to find and keep.

- The day before or a few hours before a board plan or meeting, they always text you to make sure you're coming.
- They tell you that we have to attend meetings and keep up with PV because upline platinum is taking time out of their life, paying babysitters and spending money on gas for board plans. And that they are mentoring you for free.
- They want you to buy all the motivational materials, they encourage you to buy the book that the diamonds are reading and if you didn't have that book, you'd order it because they will tell you this book will help your business grow.
-They bring up delaying gratification (no taking up sports, hobbies, spending time with friends/family in order to spend more time and money on growing the business). I heard a teaching about how you should stop volunteering (even church volunteering) so that you can build your business.

Another thing to keep in mind- not everyone stays at the level pin that they're celebrated for.
- There are people who are called up on stage at 4000 PV to only drop down to 2500-3000 later because people quit but they still say they are that level pin.. same with platinums, Our upline mentioned how he knows platinums that went out of qualification because they didn't keep their volume up and missed the amway trip incentive)

- They really hate it if they see you allocating your money somewhere else other than wwdb/amway.
If you mention you're planning on going back to school, they will talk about how education will get you no where in the next board plan.
If you tell them you will be going on vacation, they will tell you how you're setting a bad example by not delaying gratification and leaving your team.
Other than hating jobs, they HATE hearing about these things and people making better money. They will always criticize whatever is outside amway/wwdb.

- This ALWAYS bothered me. I don't want to mention any names but I remember they were very moved by the story of how a diamond built her business as a "Single Mom" but if you do more research.. she actually had help from her divorced husband. I mean I guess you can say she's building it as a single mom but to say she built it as a single mom from the start is deceiving.

- They LOVE young people, 18-30... the younger you are, the better and more disposable.
They love recruiting couples and if you are only able to recruit just the husband or wife, they make it their mission to recruit the other spouse. If that said spouse can't get on board, there will be trouble lol.

The sad thing is, if I were to ever tell my platinum upline/mentors my experience they will surely turned it around and twist it on me.

World Wide Dream Builders is the worst thing to have ever happen to me. I was naive and I didn't do my research. I was led to trust people who told me I would retire in 2-5 years. There is so much that is hidden from new recruits. The money isn't in amway, it's in the motivational materials and memberships etc.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm a fellow Edmontonian who has a dear friend stuck in this "business" and we really do need people who will speak up!

  2. Thanks for speaking your mind... its the rise of the bots.. Edmonton has had so many WWDB's sign up that you can't even have a coffee now without someone selling you the dream.

    At 19 I was told that I could retire at 25 if it started "NOW!" - I owned a business at the time which did 6 figures in revenue so I decided to do the math...

    If I want to retire at 25, and I'm assuming that I will pass away at 86 that means I need to accumulate $1,415,938.08 by the age of 25 and then put it into a plan or portfolio that nets on average 7.5% return... (go find one). AMWAY is not going to yield cash asset returns of 1.4 Million in less or equal to 6 years

    Please keep in mind that as per the WWDB plan you need to earn 6 figures to retire... so I am being conservative and saying that I need 100,000 to live every year until 86.

    I want to clarify that I am all for the WWDB mentorship and trying to help those in need etc. however, the BS business plan of AMWAY is a joke/misguided and too many WWDB's focus on the short sighted returns instead of the long game. (the chain of command has become too long, and the message has become distorted from the original goals of WWDB.)

    Go enjoy your life - do something you love or enjoy and build meaningful relationships... the real hustlers and "self-made" will support, find, and assist you faster than buying net zero return energy drinks from those up the down-chain.

    1. See, I know a good number of people who are making very large amount of money in Amway and 3 of my friends included.
      It not a free lunch, it takes time and effort to do it, just like your business, if you still have one. People have different goals and dreams in their life and if you loose them, you will be working for someone else for another 40-50 years, with no hope to get ahead, or not even beat inflation. In my opinion, you are throwing way too big of the numbers on your income and expenses.
      Believe me, nobody is interested in your opinion, you’re just kind of person, who’s trying to impress people and take someone, or something down to elevate your self up. That works In losers world, not in the world of equal opportunity, that’s what Amway is for last 60 years with 10 billion $ revenue
      last year, that’s more then NFL revenue. Just because you couldn’t make it, doesn’t mean, that this business is not good. Not everybody would like your business, if you had one and it doesn’t mean that it’s not good.
      There is a CD called. Why Whiner Rule the Web, by Steve Price.
      If anyone wants to get it, it’s worth it. What better then reading someone’s
      Whining. By trying this business, you can’t lose anything and you can leave anytime. BUT not trying it, you can lose a lot. Ask your self, what else can help me to achieve my goals ?.....
      Hard work
      My Boss
      Own business
      And so on.

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  4. Thank you for all the info. I am currently in a "vetting process", and have become leary. I really like the people involved, but don't want to do another mlm.

  5. Much appreciated. Sadly not the only ones :(

  6. THANK YOU!!!
    I live in Edmonton and just ended a "process" today. Dunno why, but I still wondered if I was doing the right (even knowing it was BS). But this confirms pretty much every suspicion I had/have.

    It's now 2:42 am, and I can finally go to bed and sleep easy. Genuinely, thank you!!!!!

    PS: I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you :(

  7. I live in Wisconsin in the US, and have had the same experience. I was recruited by a friend and although I own the decision making I will insist I wasn't given all the information upfront. I was told it only cost $300 to launch my business and boy was I surprised when month 2 rolled around and I was billed nearly $130 for on going subscriptions. I was told that WWDB teaches people to generate 150PV a month (roughly $450) because it could be duplicated, but soon enough I was being pressured to hit 200PV ($600) and then 300PV($900). The worst part for me was that EVERYTHING was about getting me to functions. These cost anywhere from $80 to $175 and there is travel and lodging. I finally refused to attend one that would have cost me $1000 in total and my upline wrongly assumed I could not afford it and suggested I sell plasma. I was told to break up with my boyfriend of 17 years. Nope. From what I can tell the people who broke big in WWBD were already rich because there families had been rich or had been in Amway forever.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. All of your concerns are legitimate. some people like to recruit and see this business as only a way to make money.

    There are all walks of life in Worlwide and all walks of life in Amway. But also be careful what you read online. be a healthy skeptic.

    Anyone can join. Which means sometimes people can do thing incorrectly, and turn it into a sales pitch. At the same time, there are people out there who not only succeed in this business, but care for your well being.

    My upline specifically never told me to do anything, only suggested I do things for my success. I had a gf that i knew I wasnt going to marry, and they told me to do what i believe is the right decision, after i asked for their perspective.

    My upline never told me i had to, or that i need to quit my job or anyhting. a job is needed to fund your business in the beginning, and i have always been told to treat others with respect and do the best i can at anything that i do.

    But not everyone in amway or WWDB cares about others. some people just want to make money. even my diamond says all the time "dont put us on a pedestal" and to realize we all have potential. He talks about treating everyone with the same level of respect, no matter what position they are in. so if someone doesnt want to build this opportunity, i never force it down their throats. My now wife, has different thoughts about religion than me, and I never tell her how to think.

    Im truly sorry that these amazing companies who impact and change lives, have been a negative experience for all of you. i have had nothing but great experiences. nothing is perfect, and yes maybe i choose to look at the overwhelming positive that i have witnessed with this opportunity, but i do understand there are others that have misrepresented this opportunity unfortunately.

    do your research. look at credible sources like the bbb (better business bureau). theres tons of negative online about everything. but in reality, we have to make sure we get our information from credible factual resources.

    have a good day everyone, if you have any comments to add, feel free.

    1. what about the $56 million payout that Amway dished in exchange for no admission of guilt or wrongdoing???

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I am soon to be leaving WWG (worldwide dream builders), I was involved for almost 2 years, had a few downline who have all quit. This business is a toxic cult and now with the Covid 19, uplines' true colours are showing, getting Kates about how we should continue to invest our limited income, which also means delaying rent/mortgage payments, grocery etc, The GREED can be felt. I've heard them say to those who are getting emergency/EI etc income from the Gov't to use it to pay dittos & the WWG fees. Uplines more than anything want to keep their ongoing income & pins. This business is not recession proof. If you are thinking of leaving, now is the time.

  11. My girlfriend has recently joined wwg/amway... she used to love and respect my opinion, now if i say anything she flips. infact just last night she got off a meeting while i was on my way back from a friends sons birthday party and blew up on me when i got home... i dony understand how she doesn't see that this has destroyed our relationship because now she demeaning me for not being apart of it... she is now looking for an apartment to move out while i "prove myself"... please any advice to help her open her eyes, I'm going to get us into couples therapy but other than that i feel like she's almost to far gone

  12. same experience right here in Seattle, WA. To make it worse, I followed all the WWDB advice about dating but none of the men in WWDB did (not even my upline a bigger pin for a long time who started dating me and sleeping with me right before I quit). I feel so embarrassed and majorly regret believing in my upline after the way he used me for a few months and then ghosted me and started treating me differently from the rest of the team. Then when I quite because I was sick of how he treated me after he got bored, he started badmouthing me. I felt my sponsor was owed a reason since he never knew his upline was dating me even when I felt it was fair to give him notice. So I simply told him I had dated our upline and now I'm not. Then my upline denied ever being interested in me even though I'd had to be vetted by other ladies further upline during this time. He flat out lied about all of it and that's when I felt like F*ck it, I'll tell ALL your secrets if that's how you want to play it. I don't know whatever happened cuz I blocked him on everything but this organization is a sham of all the values they say they hold. And I 100% will tell the truth about all of this when people ask. (Side note: Everything has worked out so much better for me since. I have a lovely home in downtown Seattle with the best husband I could ask for and increasing influence and recognition and better family ties than I've had to date. All this in less than the time I spent in this deceitful scam.)

  13. Such a stupid statement.No one understand the value of that organization.How many people working as baristas after being 8 years in universities and spend over 100 thousand dollars.You complaining about $200 month and totally ignoring the knowledge receiving from that organization to help you build entrepreneur mindset


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